MAXXCRETE™ is an Extended Joint Concrete Floor System. It is designed for commercial and industrial slabs on ground and offers many benefits to owners, developers, and design/build general contractors. It is superior to other types of slabs noted in American Concrete Institute (ACI) Design Guides and other extended joint floor types.

Lloyd Concrete offers both consultation and installation for MAXXCRETE™.

Benefits of MAXXCRETE™

Along with the many benefits, the MAXXCRETE™ Extended Joint Floor System also has a 1 year conditional warranty and up to a 10 year warranty is available. A floor slab is the main source of liability and maintenance issues in any construction project. MAXXCRETE™ offers:

• Up to 70% reduction in joints over the typical floor slab
• Amount of curling is significanlty reduced if not eliminated altogether
• MAXXCRETE™ system remains in contact with the base
• Little if any cracking outside of the joints
• Design and construction liability is mitigated
• 1 year conditional warranty and 10 year warranty available that covers things above and beyond those in a normal warranty
• Flatness and levelness of the floor remain constant if not improve over time
• More economical than any other reduced joint floor

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