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In addition to our 5 Boom Pumps, Trailer pump, and Laser Screed, Lloyd Concrete Services is excited to announce that the newest addition to our fleet: The Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130.  The Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 has a 126 feet 6 inch horizontal reach which will save time and labor. The five-section boom and fully hydraulic conveyor can handle concrete slumps from 0 to 12 inches and materials ranging from sand to 4-inch rock. It is able to place countless materials, such as concrete, gravel, pervious concrete, sand, wood, and roller compacted concrete. Need to place gravel and concrete on the same site in the same day? With the new Telebelt, we will be able to perform multiple tasks from a single location.

With the outrigger design of the new Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130, it will allow us to perform a quick setup in congested areas and rough terrain.  The Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 will also help complete our pours faster while allowing for reduced cement and water content which yields a stronger and more cost effective mix.

With the addition of the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 to our fleet, we look forward to being able to meet your every need and do it in an efficient and timely manner.  Contact us to find out the arrival date and to set up your next pour!


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